Monday, December 24, 2012

favorite things swap

The worst part about Oprah being off the air is that we have to live without Oprah's Favorite Things.  ("You get a baby humpback whale!  And YOU get a baby humpback whale!")  So, in order to deal with this, we created the Favorite Things swap.  It's part Oprah and part White Elephant, so grab your Gayles and have fun!

Here's how it goes:

  • Everyone buys and wraps one of their favorite things.  It should cost around $15-$25 (You can choose the price range).  
  • Bring that gift to the exchange, and proceed with the White Elephant.
  • Choose numbers, or pick names out of a bowl to determine the order.
  • The first person unwraps a gift.  The second person can steal the first gift, or open a new gift.  The third person can steal one of the first two gifts, or open a new gift, etc.
  • Items can be "stolen" twice during the game.  There are no take-backs, and once it's been stolen twice, it's locked and cannot be stolen again.
  • At the end of the game, everyone can go around and say what they brought, and why it's one of their favorite things.

This year I brought a Kate Spade cosmetics case which was on super sale, and left with these adorable bowls from Anthropologie.  Or, as Oprah would say, "CUTE BOOOOOOWWWWWLSSS!"


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