Monday, December 24, 2012

tied with a bow

Wrapping gifts is one of my favorite things.  This year I had a little wrapping station with paper, ribbons, scissors, tape, tissue, gift tags, and a pen.  I would light my balsam candles, turn on the Christmas tree lights, light a fire, and go to town on some gifts.  Oh man, it was the best.

Here are a few gift wrapping tips:

Use real ribbon.  The holidays are not a time for curling ribbon or peel-and-stick bows!  I use grosgrain or satin ribbon and make sure each gift has a bow.  I tie my bows like this.

Use gift wrap tape.  This tape has a satin finish and disappears on most gift wrap.  I always use this when I wrap gifts in brown paper because regular tape makes it look too industrial.

Tuck a little gift into the bow.  I love when there are little trinkets attached to bows.  What's better than a gift?  More gifts!  I like attaching little ornaments, chocolates wrapped in cello, or mini bottles of booze.


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